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Our Mission


Litex Incorporated is a manufacturer of heavy commercial grade and architectural windows. Litex products are used in a variety of applications such as high, mid, and low-rise buildings, schools and various commercial & industrial facilities.


Litex corporate and sales offices are located in Rochester Hills, Michigan and operates its 47,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Hillsdale, Michigan. Litex has been in continuous production of high quality architectural windows systems since 1969.  

We are and always have been committed to our customers’ needs from new & custom products, design & manufacturing responsibility and customer service far beyond final delivery.


A valuable asset to our customers is the knowledge that all of our staff has a minimum of fifteen years experience in the Architectural Windows Industry to offer help and assistance.


Our computerized estimating department takes great pride in supplying pricing & product information promptly, usually in less than 48 hours. Litex engineering utilizes the latest state of the art CAD system along with numerous years of design, engineering and application experience. Our newly implemented order entry program helps ensure accuracy and reliability in material processing and manufacturing of Litex products.


Our philosophy at Litex, Inc. is to provide complete prompt delivery of a high quality architectural windows and products that best serves the customer's needs.


The aluminum windows architectural manufactured by Litex, Inc. are warranted and guaranteed to be free from defective workmanship and materials; further, that the same have been fabricated and manufactured in accordance with the specifications and shop drawings and amendments or changes thereto approved by the architect. The manufacturer warrants and guarantees for a period of 10 years from installation that the sash of the windows shall function in a satisfactory manner, free from any leaks under normal conditions after final caulking. Provided, however, that installation is made under manufacturer’s supervision and/or instructions.


The manufacturer, Litex, Inc., will repair or remedy, without charge, any defect of workmanship or material for which it is responsible hereunder.


Complete window specifications and test reports available upon request.



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