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Durable Litex fixed frame or sliding windows are an excellent choice of commercial grade window systems. The strength and ratings of these sliding windows prove that Litex can manufacture top quality architectural windows for a variety of commercial and industrial buildings.



Horizontal Sliding Windows
Architectural/Heavy Commercial
AAMA Rated AW65/GS-001 STD
AAMA Rated AW100/GS-001 HP

Series L500T horizontal sliding windows or fixed frame windows can be manufactured in any size and/or combination to fit any retrofit or new construction application.

  • Architectural 100 rated – one of the strongest in the industry
  • Structurally tested to 150 PSF (227 MPH wind)
  • All frame and sash members fully thermally broken
  • Frame has double thermal break – CRF of 55 @ 15 MPH
  • Meets or exceeds all requirements for an AAMA GS-001 rating
  • Fully adjustable rollers capable of supporting 100# each
  • No plastic inserts used in the window assembly
  • Dual glazing available
  • Integral internal blinds available
  • Dormitory hardware available
  • 10 year warranty
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Architectural Window Systems