To:  All Litex, Inc. Customers and Suppliers

      In the 53 years that we have been in production of aluminum framed windows we have seen firsthand the cyclical nature of our industry, but the multitude of issues we are seeing at this time are unprecedented.   

      The issues we are currently facing include but are not limited to:

1.  Aluminum extrusion lead times extending from 4-6 weeks to 48-82 weeks.  This drastic extension of lead times has had a profound effect on our production capabilities and our ability to retain our workforce.

2.   Aluminum extrusion base metal prices have increased 65% in the last year with projections of continued shortages and higher prices in 2022. In addition, glass, hardware, finishing, sealants and other accessories have increased between 10% to 20%.

3.  Labor costs have increased 50% and still the availability of attracting and keeping employees remains very problematic.

      While we had been working diligently to address and overcome each of these issues, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that the combination of all of these factors has made the continued operation of Litex, Inc. no longer sustainable.

      Please be advised that on 2/11/2022 we will cease active operations.  After that date we will continue to operate on a scaled down basis to complete orders on back order and any warranty items.

     We greatly appreciate the relationships we have had with you over these many years and we hope that you understand how difficult a decision this has been but, unfortunately, we see no other options.


Thomas Parsons


Leading the Architectural Window Industry

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Since 1969, Litex, Inc. has been in the continuous production of Architectural Window Systems. Our headquarters, sales and engineering offices are in Rochester Hills, Michigan with our production facility in Hillsdale, Michigan.

We specialize in the custom engineering of high-quality maintenance free aluminum windows and window systems for both new and retro-fit commercial and institutional applications. With our state of the art “AutoCAD” engineering system and many years of experience we can engineer and manufacture window products for most any design or jobsite condition.

We can supply Architectural Windows and trim in any commercial finish and/or color. We can also provide many different types of glazing, from sealed insulating glass units & architectural panels to dual glazed and triple glazed systems using combinations of glass and polycarbonate materials.

Litex, Inc. can also provide “between the glass” venetian blinds, as manufactured by the Window Accessory Co., for use with all of our window systems.


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All of our window frames and accessories are extruded aluminum using a combination of new and recycled aluminum billet. The main component in the manufacture of aluminum billet is bauxite which is one of the most abundant minerals in the world. 


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